The Applegate / Jackson / Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

### Instructions and Information (application download available at bottom of this page)

* Read the Introductory Letter and Compulsory Unionism in Education.

* Contact one of the Independent Educator Groups if you want additional information on their programs and to search for more scholarships.

* Complete the online scholarship application; OR

* Download and print out the four-page scholarship application. If you cannot download the application, please email us at Please be sure to include your complete mailing address and specify “Education” or “Teacher” scholarship. Applications will be mailed no later than December 15, and cannot be requested after that date.

Return the stapled, completed application, along with essay (unless submitted online) and current transcript, to:
> Future Teachers Scholarships
> National Institute for Labor Relations Research
> 5211 Port Royal Road, Suite 510
> Springfield, VA 22151

### Scholarship Winners
* 2008: Lisa Bishara
* 2009: update pending
* 2010: update pending
* 2011: currently accepting applications

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