Forced-Dues States Suffering From Massive ‘Brain Drain’

Federally-sanctioned forced union dues have predictable economic consequences.
Among them are Big Labor’s use of rigid work rules and cultivation of the “hate the boss”
mentality to cement its power over employees.

Right to Work laws, now on the books in 22 states, protect the freedom of both private-
and public-sector employees to keep and hold a job without forking over dues or fees to a union
that is recognized as their “exclusive” (actually, monopoly) bargaining agent.

Unless they are protected by a state Right to Work law, independent-minded employees
have no power to fight back against union bosses by withholding their financial support. And
when employees have no personal freedom of choice, union bosses have little incentive to tone
down their class warfare. Employees are consequently far less likely to reach their full
productive potential and reap the accompanying benefits.

That’s a key reason why a wide array of demographic and economic indicators, including young-
adult migration, show that forced union dues inhibit growth.

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