March 11, 2011 NILRR News Clips

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Murdock: No one should be forced to join a union

Scripps-Howard News Service Online

NEW YORK – Even as they scream for “workers’ rights,” the one workers’ right that union bosses despise is the right to work. Big Labor and its overwhelmingly Democratic allies oppose a woman’s right to choose whether or not to join a union. Instead, they prefer that predominantly male employers and labor leaders make that choice for her.

Right-to-work is good for Missouri

Columbia Daily Tribune Online

Editor, the Tribune: Enacting a right-to-work law in Missouri is about putting Missourians back to work — both union workers and non-union workers. Right-to-work simply gives workers the right to work without being forced to join a union

Taxpayers Win in Wisconsin

Wall Street Journal Online

If Mr. Walker’s effort can be faulted, we’d say it’s for not stressing enough the value of these collective bargaining changes for taxpayers, and how public unions too often end up on both sides of the bargaining table. Instead, he stressed the short-term fiscal benefits of his bill. Yet his changes will pay off in future years in Wisconsin in ways that reforms by GOP Governors in Michigan or even New Jersey will not. A future Wisconsin legislature can change these laws again, but not without a big political reversal.

The quiet after the Capitol storm

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online
Madison – After a wild and raucous night at the State Capitol, the scene inside the building Thursday morning looks just like it was a few weeks ago when protesters camped out overnight.

At 6:30 a.m., there were dozens of people who stayed the night and were camped out in various locations in the building.

Of particular concern to police are a few dozen protesters who spent the night in the antechamber of the Assembly. The Assembly is scheduled to go into session at 11 a.m. Thursday to consider the bill on collective bargaining that the Senate approved last night in mere minutes.

State Senators Joe Leibham, Glenn Grothman get death threats

Sheboygan Press Online

State Sens. Joe Leibham and Glenn Grothman said Thursday they were among the Republican senators who received death threats following their votes to eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Micro Unions could be macro problem

Daily Caller ONline

It seems like lately at every turn the National Labor Relations Board tries something new to upend years of fair workplace practices and standards. As the board drifts more and more into being an official taxpayer-funded extension of Big Labor, it gives new meaning to the old adage, “if you can’t win the game, change the rules.”

Fallout from Wisconsin

National Journal Online

As the fallout from Wisconsin’s battle over collective bargaining takes shape, National Journal has asked experts from both sides of the issue to debate what it means. Is this crucial for fiscal stability? Is it a death knell for organized labor? What’s at stake for other states and the nation as a whole?

Trumka Decries Wisconsin Situation, Says AFL-CIO Will Assist in Recall Efforts

Daily Labor Report Online

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka March 10 condemned the passage of a Wisconsin bill (S.B./A.B. 11) that would strip public sector workers of collective bargaining rights as an “absolute corruption of democracy,” and vowed that the labor federation would assist in legal challenges to the measure and in efforts to recall Republican state senators and the state’s governor who supported it.

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