March 18, 2011 NILRR News Clips

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The Leiter Side of Union Thuggery “Collective bargaining” corrupts policemen and philosophers alike…

Wall Street Journal Online

Last week, as the Wisconsin stalemate was coming to an end, we worried about the potential threat that unionized policemen, in “solidarity” with other unionized government employees, might tolerate or even participate in lawless behavior in order to undermine the workings of republican governance and preserve union privileges. Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes reports that Wisconsin businessmen are now receiving letters importuning them to oppose Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts on behalf of Wisconsin’s taxpayers:

NLRB Acting General Counsel Issues Memo With Responses to ABA Committee Questions

Daily Labor Report Online

During the annual meeting of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law’s Committee on Practice and Procedure Under the National Labor Relations Act, held March 2-5 in Manele Bay, Hawaii, participants discussed concerns and questions reported to the committee by labor law practitioners who appear before NLRB.

Further Briefing OK’d in Bargaining Unit Case As NLRB Responds to Legislators’ Requests

Daily Labor Report Online

Responding to the requests of several senators and representatives, the National Labor Relations Board decided March 15 to allow a limited round of additional briefing in a closely watched representation case involving determinations of bargaining units in long-term care facilities, which may have broader implications for employers and labor organizations (Specialty Healthcare & Rehab. Ctr., NLRB, No. 15-RC-08873, order on scheduling 3/15/11 [released 3/16/11]).

Emergency-Manager Legislation Sent To Michigan Governor as Unions Protest

Daily Labor Report Online

LANSING, Mich.—Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) March 16 signed legislation that allows appointed emergency financial managers to change or dissolve union contracts, one day after the state house passed the measure.

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