March 28, 2011 NILRR News Clips

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Hyundai Velosters on Hold as Workers Protest

Wall Street Journal Online


But other than 52 models produced for pre-sale events, not
a single one has rolled out of the auto maker’s assembly lines in its No. 1
plant in Ulsan. Some 3,000 unionized workers have kept the production lines from
making the cars.

The workers are protesting recent moves by Hyundai to
relocate some of them to four other Ulsan plants that need more employees.
Automation at the No. 1 plant has reduced the need for staff there.

Wisconsin’s Battle Supreme

Wall Street Journal Online


Wisconsin Democrats and unions are still seething over
their failure to thwart Governor Scott Walker’s government union reforms. Now
they’re trying to spin their rage into gold by aiming it at the state Supreme
Court election on April 5. If they defeat David Prosser’s re-election bid, labor
leaders and their Democratic allies hope a newly activist court will be their
proxy in the fight against Mr. Walker’s policies.

Los Angeles, Unions Reach Deal

Wall Street Journal Online


LOS ANGELES—After months of public battling, union and city
leaders reached what they called a landmark deal Thursday that for the first
time forced concessions from a coalition of city unions, and could shape other
labor negotiations.

Union members still must vote to approve the deal. If they
do, more than 14,500 city employees would nearly double their contribution to
retirement benefits from six to 11 percent of their salaries starting July 1.
Workers would also forgo planned salary increases, and overtime pay.

Wisconsin Governor Repeals Requirements For Contractors on State Building

Daily Labor Report Online


On March 9, Walker endorsed Executive Order 18, which
repeals the six-year-old apprenticeship requirements created by former Gov. Jim
Doyle (D) under EO 108. Walker’s order relieves contractors of any
apprenticeship standards required for bidding and contracting jobs with the
Department of Transportation, the Department of Administration, and any other
state agency. The order also halts any pending compliance investigations or
determinations by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards.

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