March 30, 2011 NILRR News Clips

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Right to Work is Designed to hurt all Wage Earners

3/30 2011

The two major supporters of Right To Work (for less) are
the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and the aforementioned
National Right to Work Committee. Both are funded by large corporations and
groups like the Koch brothers foundations (the brothers have about $38 billion
between them — they’re big in toilet paper). These people are not exactly known
for their support of workers, Rep. Smith.

Smith failed to mention some juicy information. For
example, all the former slave states are Right to Work states. Kind of gives you
the mentality of the Right to Work (for less) supporters, doesn’t it?

Dane County Judge Blocks implementation of Union Bargaining Bill

Post-Crescent Online


That appeared even more likely after a hearing on Tuesday,
when a Dane County judge again ordered the state to put the law on hold while
she considers a broader challenge to its legality. She chastised state officials
for ignoring her earlier order to halt the law’s publication.

In Wisconsin, Big Labor politicians help make Right to Work Case

The Daily  Caller Online


Every two years, compulsory unionism’s corrupting influence
on America’s political system is on display. Union officials funnel huge sums of
money, estimated to be in excess of a billion dollars, into federal, state and
local elections.

This money comes straight from union treasury accounts that
consist overwhelmingly of dues and fees that millions of workers are forced to
fork over as a condition of employment.

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