April 11, 2011 NILRR News Clips

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Paying Dues and the ‘Right to Work’

Wall Street Journal Online, 4/09/2011

Regarding John Fund’s “As Wisconsin’s Battle Heads to
Court, Unions Try to Oust a Judge” (Cross Country, April 2): Mr. Fund says that
I believe paying union dues should be voluntary. Sure, a membership that pays
dues voluntarily will be more committed to its union and make it more effective.
Besides, most people do want to pay. Even in right-to-work states, the large
majority in bargaining units voluntarily pays dues, though it’s easy to opt out.

It’s not state’s job to mandate union dues

Foster’s Democrat Online, 4/11/2011

Passed overwhelmingly by the House, RTW moved to the Senate
last week, where its fate is unclear.

What is clear, however, and should provide no conflicting
sentiment, is its need for passage.

As it now stands, those working in a union shop are forced
to pay fees to the union, regardless of their desire to participate.

That is wrong. All other issues are secondary.

Union workers head to Capitol for protest

WHTM ABC TV 27, Harrisburg area, PA, 4/11/2011

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Union workers headed back to the
State Capitol today to protest a bill that they believe directly attacks them.

Workers are protesting the PA HB50 “Right to Work Bill,”
introduced by Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) along with 34 other lawmakers. Union
workers call the legislation a threat to wages, benefits, and job security.

Election turnout magnified divide in Wisconsin

JSOnline, 4/20/2011

This was Gov. Scott Walker’s take on last Tuesday’s
election, in which he wasn’t on the ballot but loomed over the campaign debate:

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