NILRR Newsclips 10 07 2011

Institute’s Program Director Testifies at Indiana Right to Work Hearing

Evansville Courier-Press Online, 10/06/2011

“We don’t think you should be forced to join a union as a
condition of employment and we don’t think you should be forced to pay dues and
fees as a condition of employment,” Stan Greer, senior research associate for
National Institute for Labor Relations Research, a sister organization of the
National Right to Work Committee.

Hundreds Protest At Right-To-Work Hearing, 10/06/2011

“If somebody leaves the state because he can’t get a job
here, then he doesn’t count as one of Indiana’s unemployed anymore, but that’s
not really the way to solve your problem,” said Stan Greer with the National
Institute for Labor Relations Research.

NLRB Delays New Notice Posting Deadline As Republicans Offer Bill, Continue

Daily Labor Report Online, 10/05/2011

The National Association of Manufacturers and the Coalition
for a Democratic Workplace have filed one such challenge in the U.S. District
Court for the District of Columbia (National Association of Manufacturers v.
NLRB, D.D.C., No. 11-cv-1629; 176 DLR A-1, 9/12/11) and the National Right to
Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation and the National Federation of
Independent Business have filed another (National Right to Work Legal Defense &
Education Foundation Inc. v. NLRB, D.D.C., No. 11-1683; 181 DLR A-19, 9/19/11).

Union Bosses “Bank” on Wall Street Protests

Wall Street Journal Online, 10/07/2011

The heads of the nation’s biggest labor unions see the
protests as an opportunity to amplify their own messages and reinvigorate their
membership. They said Thursday they plan to provide support, from delivering
water and food to opening up union halls to protesters.

CA Lawmakers claim unionized guards facilitate inmate criminal activity,10/06/2011

“Lawmakers struggling to keep cellphones away from
California’s most dangerous inmates say a main obstacle is the politically
powerful prison guards union, whose members would have to be paid millions of
dollars extra to be searched on their way into work

Initial ‘Right-to-Teach’
Bill Should not be confused with Right to Work Bill, 10/06/2011

Unfortunately, the bill may backfire because it focuses too
much on the MEA.

Media Falls for Union Push-Poll Ruse, 10/6/2011

The Michigan Education Association announced this week that
a public poll it funded reveals that Michigan residents agree with the union’s
take on pending education reforms.

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