NILRR Newsclips 10 11 2011

Yankee, Go South: More New England Unemployment Theories

Reason.comblog, 10/9/2011

I also got an interesting email response from Stanley T.
Greer, newsletter editor for the National Right to Work Committee and senior
research associate for the affiliated National Institute for Labor Relations

Education Action Group Reports on Foundation Helping Teachers in Ohio, 10/6/2011

National Right To Work is helping teachers in Ohio sue to
separate from the Ohio Education Association. Mark Mix the head of National
Right To Work explains the details of the case and the impact Senate Bill 5
could have on unions in Ohio.

National Right To Work Attorney Erin Wilcox talks to EAGtv, 10/7/2011

About the case where 15 Ohio teachers are suing the OHEA.

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