NILRR Newsclips 10 17 2011

Mitt Romney attack Barack Obama over Boeing plant question,10/11/2011

Even the spokesman for the National Right to Work
Committee, Patrick Semmens, said the issue isn’t that South Carolina is a
right-to-work state. “The more fundamental point is that it was a non-union
facility,” said Semmens, who still believed that Romney’s claim has merit.

‘Follow the Red Flag!’

National Review
Online, 10/17/2011

A few union goons loitering outside the pizza shop began to
taunt the owner: “You feel better now? You got that out of your system?”

How S.C. beat N.C. to win ‘Project Soccer’

The Sun News Online, 10/16/2011

Continental officials say South Carolina won the plant
because of it is a right-to-work state, making unionization more difficult; its
cost of labor is lower; and the Sumter site offered excellent access to the port
of Charleston, and rail and highway grids.

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