NILRR Newsclips 10 19 2011

The NLRB canceled my vote

Washington Examiner Online, 10/18/2011

If you’ve never experienced a card check drive in your
workplace, you may not know the difference between card check organizing and
traditional secret ballot unionization elections.

Rep. Issa: NLRB Withheld Emails Showing ‘Lack of Impartiality’ in Boeing Case

Wall Street Journal Online, 10/18/2011

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa accused the
National Labor Relations Board of another misstep in the agency’s complaint
against Boeing Co., this time alleging it deliberately withheld documents from
the committee to hide potentially damaging email exchanges between NLRB

Jerry Brown’s Union Salute

Wall Street Journal Online, 10/19/2011

This month marks the centennial of California’s voter
initiative process, and Governor Jerry Brown has commemorated the occasion by
signing a law that makes it easier for unions to defeat ballot measures they
don’t like

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