NILRR Newsclips 10 21 2011

Civil Servants File New Brief in Federal Public-Sector Unionism Case

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Online,

Madison, WI (October 20, 2011) – With free legal assistance
from the National Right to Work Foundation and the Wisconsin Institute for Law &
Liberty, three Wisconsin public employees affected by Wisconsin’s recent
public-sector unionism reforms have filed an amicus curiae brief in federal
court asking the judge to uphold the new law and deny the unions’ request to
suspend the law.

Workers should have freedom of choice, 10/21/2011

With the 11th highest cost-of-living index in the 50
states, New Hampshire could benefit from RTW legislation. There is no downside
potential to the state.

Chamber hits NLRB with ad campaign

The Hill Online, 11/20/2011

Slated to run in Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia, the
ads take issue with the labor board’s April 20 complaint against Boeing for
allegedly retaliating against union workers.

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