NILRR Newsclips 10 24 2011

Stan Greer: Labor wages war against Ohio’s private sector, 10/23/2011

Ohioans overwhelmingly support the principle that no one
should be denied a job, or lose a job, because he or she refuses to pay dues or
fees to an unwanted union. They also understand that in a state where, real
private-sector compensation has fallen by 6.6 percent over the past decade, but
real state and local government compensation has increased by 11.8 percent,
something must be done to restore the balance.

Obama’s Re-Election Model Is FDR

Wall Street Journal Online, 10/24/2011

FDR told former speechwriter Rex Tugwell late in 1937 that
he “wanted to scare these people into doing something.” It was an odd strategy,
trying to vilify business into creating jobs. And it didn’t work well.

Union Case for “Jobs Bill” Underscores Government’s Ineptness

Free Republic Online, 10/24/2011

As the unions and Obama administration continue to try to
make the case for the Jobs Bill, they’re revealing the soft underbelly of
government ineptness in the process.

It makes you wonder, “if this is how they’re spending our
dollars, why should we give them more?”

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