NILRR Newsclips 10 26 2011

Labor board stalls Boeing worker’s complaint against union

Washington Times Online, 10/26/2011

According to Boeing employee Dennis Murray, who filed a
counter-claim against IAM on June 15, 2011, “the IAM unions are attempting to
sabotage the jobs and work of the employees in North Charleston, SC, for the
sole or primary reason that these employees rejected IAM representation and
chose to work for Boeing without the interference of a labor organization.” An
NLRB spokesman did not return our call regarding the status of the Murray

Ind. lawmakers seek to revive ‘right-to-work’ plan

Business Week Online, 10/25/2011

A draft of a report compiled by the Legislature’s Interim
Study Committee on Employment says businesses refuse to locate in Indiana
because it is not a “right-to-work” state.

Romney Endorses Ohio Union Law

Washington Post Online, 10/26/2011

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney today declared
that he was “110 percent” behind a law in Ohio that limits collective bargaining
rights, after refusing to comment on the matter Tuesday.

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