NILRR Newsclips 01 27 2012

Democrats Return for Final Right-to-Work Vote, 1/26/2012

The win in Indiana should be very encouraging for other
states like New Hampshire and Michigan as they weigh their options regarding
right-to-work legislation. A right-to-work bill has already passed the NH State
House for a second time and could end up on Gov. John Lynch’s (D) desk again
soon. Last November Republicans were only 12 votes shy of overriding Lynch’s
veto for a similar bill.

BREAKING: Indiana House Passes Right-to-Work Bill — Measure To Become Law Soon, 1/25/2012

Polling showed that Indiana voters didn’t like the work
stoppage tactic after the Democrats used it to prevent right-to-work legislation
from passing last year. Also, this year legislators face daily fines of $1,000
for preventing quorums by skipping sessions.

Indiana Right-to-Work Bill Advances

Wall Street Journal Online, 1/25/2012

Labor’s loss in Indiana would halt momentum unions gained
after repealing a collective-bargaining law in Ohio in a November referendum.
That law, which was signed last year by Republican Gov. John Kasich but never
took effect, would have reduced bargaining rights for public-sector unions and
increased the amount those workers pay for health care and pensions.

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