NILRR Newsclips 02 24 2012

Gordon Lafer’s failed Response to Right to Work Laws

Washington Examiner Online, 2/20/2012

Gordon Lafer is associate professor at the University of
Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center, and a research associate at the
Economic Policy Institute (EPI), which is funded in part by organized labor.

Unions set to spend $400M to back Democrats

Washington Times Online, 2/22/2012

“People are digging deeper,” said Larry Scanlon, political
director of the country’s largest public workers union, the American Federation
of State, County and Municipal Employees. “If Republicans take over the
presidency, Congress and enough state legislatures, unions will be out of
business, pure and simple.”

NLRB’s top lawyer still feels fallout from Boeing, union case

Seattle Times Online, 2/23/2012

Yet Issa is pushing on. Solomon, whom President Obama named
NLRB’s acting general counsel in June 2010, has given up any hope of being
confirmed by the Senate for the permanent title. (He can remain as acting
counsel until a permanent appointee is confirmed by the Senate.)

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