NILRR Newsclips – March 30, 2012


Kill sneaky union dues gambit

Detroit News Online, 3/27/2012

State lawmakers are on the verge of calling a halt to the questionable setup that has allowed the Service Employees International Union to extract nearly $30 million in dues from 40,000 Michigan providers of home health care since 2007.

The Economic Freedom of Workers Enhances Prosperity

National Review Online, March 28, 2012

 In the aftermath of this heated debate, and the overwhelming loss of Issue 2 this past November, there are many who feel this is not a good time to be reengaging the public and policy makers on labor law reform.

We disagree. In fact, in light of the passage of a right-to-work law in Indiana this is not a conversation states like Ohio can avoid. The debate has been ignited in Michigan, Minnesota, and a number of other states seeking to break out of the economic stagnation so many have experienced.

NLRB Opposes Delay of Notice Posting Rule

Daily Labor Report Online, March 27, 2012

NAM, along with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, the National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation, the National Federation of Independent Business, and two corporations, filed a March 5 notice of appeal in the D.C. Circuit, asking it to reverse a ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that NLRB had statutory authority to promulgate the rule (42 DLR AA-1, 3/2/12).

Wacky Gov. Walker Protesters Stumped By Basic Questions

 Education Action Group Online, March 27, 2012

Teachers Union Ally Occupy Milwaukee . . .

The Recall Scott Walker crowd showed up to a recent Americans for Prosperity event to protest Israel, Rick Santorum and just abut anything else resembling capitalism and free markets. The teachers unions are showing their true colors by continuing to embrace #Occupy and the radical fringe of society. Look no further than the examples contained herein.

Magic Number 23: Indiana Joins Other Right To Work States, March 27, 2012

The passing of right to work may, in fact, draw new companies to Indiana, which is the hope of the state’s lawmakers. Indiana is already considered a business friendly state because of the many tax advantages it offers to companies. Gov. Mitch Daniels, who was originally an opponent of the bill, decided to sign it for this very reason. He saw over his eight years in office that many companies would not move to Indiana because it did not have a right to work law. With the law in place, he hopes to see more companies relocating and bringing jobs to the state.

Graduate Assistants Reject Union Bid In Vote at University of Minnesota

Daily Labor Report Online, March 27, 2012

The Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services March 26 announced that graduate assistants at the University of Minnesota had rejected union representation by a vote of 1,857 to 1,142.

American Airlines Asks Bankruptcy Court To Reject Collective Bargaining Agreements

Daily Labor Report Online, March 27, 2012

In its motion, AMR said although American’s financial peril has multiple sources, “the greatest single challenge” is its labor agreements, which “saddle the company” with the highest labor costs in the industry.

Global automotive supplier to add dozens of jobs in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN, March 27, 2012

“Android chose Indiana and specifically Fort Wayne because it’s both an employee- and employer-friendly environment,” said David Donnay, vice president of human resources at Android. “Recently, Indiana became a right-to-work state and offers us a competitive location and a skilled work force to complement our state of the art technology. All of these factors went into choosing Indiana as an optimal location.