In Camden, Not Fighting Crime Pays


The situation with police union officials in Camden, New Jersey, just keeps getting worse.  NILRR previously reported on the mayor’s decision to make union officials actually work as officers in order to alleviate the rank and file officers’ being overworked. 

The city will receive its protection from the non-union Camden County police force. has the story: 

Redd has noted that while the current unionized force has a 30 percent absenteeism rate, their union representatives continue to claim that their members were overworked. Reed however has asked that all uniformed police officers report for duty—including union reps.

But when push comes to shove, union bosses have no interest in giving up union release time, even if it might help out their struggling membership.

Once again, a case of public sector unions biting the hand that feeds them.

This problem isn’t isolated to the police in Camden, however.