Kansas Union Members Are Still Getting a Bum Deal


Big Labor’s power in many states is so great it can make the government do its bidding, and make it virtually impossible for workers to resign their union membership.  Even in Kansas, a Right to Work State, where workers have the freedom to refrain from union support of membership, union bosses have rigged an agreement with many government employers that puts the responsibility of the government itself to collect UNION dues.  This privelege, usually gained through monopoly bargaining, saves union officials millions of dollars each year. 

John Celock tells the story on huffingtonpost.com.

Many workers have no idea that, when resigning from the union, they usually must ensure their dues deduction authorization is also voided.  Many employees do not know this, and consequently give up trying to collect what’s due to them.

A new bill introduced into the Kansas Legislature, prohibiting government employee unions from automatic dues deduction, would diminish Big Labor’s power over these workers, by forcing them to collect dues on their own.  Big Labor’s power is such that it is the only private organization that can make government do its bidding.  

The battle over labor unions has reached a new state, with Kansas legislators due to start discussing a proposal that would curtail unions’ political power on Wednesday.

The Kansas legislation would specifically prohibit public-employee unions from establishing automatic deductions from employee paychecks to pay for political activities — even with the employees’ agreement — and would expand the current definition of such political activities under state law.

Advocates say it would protect union members from having to support ideas they don’t believe in. Opponents say it would harm working families in the state by making it more difficult for public-employee unions to defend their members’ interests. They also argue that the proposal isn’t even needed under the state’s current labor laws.