LIUNA Bosses Wallow in Corruption


Could union bosses at the Laborers Internation Union of North America have any more sins to confess?  Office staff at LIUNA headquarters have attempted to join the AFL-CIO.  The District of Columbia garnered a tax lien for almost half a million dollars.  LIUNA members should know where their forced dues are going.  It looks like they’re going down the Union Boss drain. 

Luke Rosiak has the story in the Washington Times:

The Laborers’ International Union has in its legislative affairs office a lobbyist who pleaded guilty in a fraud case despite a federal law banning convicts from overseeing unions’ finances.

According to a former employee, the workers at the nepotism-besieged headquarters felt so mistreated that receptionists and others tried to unionize under the AFL-CIO, only to have the Laborers’ Union headquarters engage in union busting.

The union has been quick to criticize others for not paying taxes, telling members last year that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “opposes legislation that would ensure corporations pay their fair share of taxes — even though the largest corporations in the U.S. pay no taxes.” The group also slammed Mr. Romney personally for having paid a low effective tax rate of 13.9 percent in 2010.

The Laborers did not respond to requests for comment.