SEIU Has Big Plans for Midwest Workers


SEIU Local 1’s 2013 Strategic Plan reveals a goal of forcing thousands of guards and airport workers into unwanted representation. A majority of the workers perform janitorial or security duties.  The plan also boasts it will help the “99%” achieve equity with the “1%.”  This “1%” must include some SEIU officials, considering their hefty salaries.

Luke Rosiak has the story in the Washington Times.

Don Loos, a Department of Labor official under George W. Bush who now works for National Right to Work Committee, said the union “is clearly stating that it wants to become a major part of airport security.”

According to the plan, the SEIU local also will wage an all-out war on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former chief of staff, even as it takes credit for helping re-elect Mr. Obama.

“Throughout 2013, we will continue to restore balance to our economy by waging aggressive and effective campaigns that shrink the growing gap between the richest 1% and everyone else,” it said.

The local’s president, Thomas Balanoff, makes $232,000, according to the most recent disclosures, and 13 other executives make more than $100,000.

The local spent $770,000 on political activities and lobbying in 2011.