Obama’s Big Labor Payback Includes Federal Employees


The Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins examines the Executive Order the president signed in 2009 which created a council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, which gives federal government employee union officials a conduit to government agency heads over and above that of the monopoly bargaining contract.   This is not only a Big Labor payback, but an unheard of ploy to influencing the federal government by private organizations, labor unions.

. . . I note that the amount of time federal workers spent on union activities while on the job has been increasing under the Obama presidency after declining during the Bush administration. What may account for the increase? Well, President Obama signed Executive Order 13522 in 2009, which created the  the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations. In the order’s words, it created:

This included: “Utilizing the expertise of individuals both within and outside the Federal Government to foster successful labor-management relations, including through training of department and agency personnel in methods of dispute resolution and cooperative methods of labor management relations.” . . .

What individuals outside the government? Well according to the order this included: the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, the president of the National Treasury Employees Union, the president of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, and “the heads of three other labor unions that represent Federal employees and are not otherwise represented on the Council.” 

So, Obama is giving the heads of government employee unions a special forum outside of regular collective bargaining with direct access to to the heads of government agencies.