Alaska Mayor Could Limit Government Union Power

If  passed, Anchorage Mayor Sullivan’s proposed law could ban strikes and work disruptions, and limit unions’ monopoly power over government employees.  Matthew F. Smith has the story at KTVA TV online.

Late Friday afternoon the mayor’s office submitted a proposed ordinance to the Anchorage Assembly that could completely overhaul collective bargaining rights and dramatically change the relationship between the municipality and its employees. (See notes to the proposed ordinance here.)

The ordinance is aimed at city employees and organizations across a wide spectrum of jobs, but the language goes out of its way to define two jobs with new language: police and firefighters.

. . .  the new proposal removes four pages of rules that dictate how unions go about strikes, and it affirms several times that “strikes or any work disruptions” are prohibited outright.

This proposal isn’t limited to firefighters and police officers. It also includes sewer and water employees, and electrical employees and port employees, as well.

The proposal will be first heard in the Anchorage Assembly this coming Tuesday and is expected to be voted on at the February 26 meeting.