Ohio Officials Near Border – Indiana Is Tough Competition


Indiana’s Right To Work Law is giving Ohio a run for its money.  Heather Rutz has the story in The Lima News Online.

Officials from Allen and Van Wert counties gathered Wednesday for a Delphos Area Chamber of Commerce legislative luncheon, sponsored by CenturyLink.

After the presentations, an audience member asked about Ohio better competing with Indiana’s “50 percent tax abatements, free land and being a right to work state.”

Those kinds of decisions are made at the state level, officials said, and they are hopeful Ohio is heading in the right direction.

Van Wert County Commissioner Thad A. Lichtensteiger said Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in his first two years in office, has solved state budgetary problems at the expense of local government, but that Kasich is now firmly focused on improving the state’s economy.

“He told us when he spoke to (the county commissioner association) that we wouldn’t like him his first two years in office,” Lichtensteiger said. “He was probably right. But he said by the fourth year, we’d get to like him. I think he wants to run for president, and he needs to make Ohio the country’s next economic development success story. If he can make progress on workers’ comp, tort reform, right to work, suddenly Indiana’s not kicking our tail feathers.”

Van Wert lost out on a new Honda assembly plant to an Indiana community. The area has lost other large projects to Indiana, which gives cash incentives in the millions, large tax breaks and other goodies to companies locating there.