Teamster Freedom of Association Hustle



By Charles Baird  (Click to download article)

Charles Baird, noted classical liberal economist, professor emeritus at California State University, East Bay, and adjunct scholar for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, has written a new paper regarding union officials and their apologists’ misuse of the important principle of freedom of association (FOA).

Baird focuses on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) union and its surrogates, showing how they have cynically twisted FOA as it is treated in various UN documents and conventions of the International Labor Organization as a means of capturing forced-dues payers in the private school-bus market.

The National Institute for Labor Relations Research regards Baird’s paper as a valuable contribution to the ongoing public debate about monopolistic unionism, and is grateful that he is allowing us to publish it.  The positions in the paper are his, and do not necessarily represent the stance of the Institute on all matters.