NILRR Weekly Newsclips, March 21, 2014



Bus company cuts ties with union in Spring Grove

Hanover (PA) Evening Sun, March 14, 2014

More than half the drivers of Teamsters Local 776 signed a petition asking that they no longer be represented by the union, according to Aaron Solem, legal counsel for drivers circulating the petition. That, he said, is an acceptable way to end the relationship with the union.

Stephen Moore: Two ways to improve New Mexico’s economy, March 15, 2014

The chief economist for one of the country’s best-known conservative think tanks says the state should seriously think about reducing — or even eliminating — its state income tax and become a “right to work” state.

California: CEOs Rate It Worst U.S. Business Climate For 8 Years Running, March 21, 2014

California’s economy continues to experience a tepid recovery since the Great Recession. One reason why: according to CEO Magazine, California has had the worst business climate in the nation for the last eight years, due in no small part to policies out of Sacramento.

Fast Food Flopward

Labor, March 21, 2014

We noted earlier this week that the Service Employees International Union-backed worker centers, following a playbook to organize restaurant workers by an intimidation-laced national card-check campaign, were going to protest fast food franchises. They did, and basically nothing happened—all the “strikes” were stage-managed stunts.

Conservative Outsider Wins Pennsylvania Race as Write-In, March 20, 2014

“There was some of that, but there is one major difference between us,” Wagner said. “He was a 16-year career politician and I’m a lifelong businessman. I’ll stay in office two terms and try to do something significant. Pennsylvania needs paycheck protection to keep union leaders from using members’ dues for campaign donations. And Pennsylvania has to become a right-to-work state, like Michigan.

Editorial: Election results to Cheer

Chicago Tribune Online, March 20, 2014

Efforts by organized labor to defeat candidates who supported pension reform largely failed around the state. The Chicago Teachers Union onslaught against state Rep. Christian Mitchell of Chicago, who supported the pension bill, failed. Adam Johnson of Warrenville, the Illinois Education Association-backed candidate against state Rep. Jeanne Ives, lost. Amanda Mancke of Oswego, the IEA’s pick in the open 97th House District, lost to reformer Mark Batinick of Plainfield.

NLRB should not grant a new UAW election

The Tennessean, March 21, 2014

The public statements by politicians should not be the grounds for a new election for the UAW in Chattanooga.

Former official of theatrical and stage employee union indicted on embezzlement charges

Providence Journal Online, March 20, 2014

A former official of a Rhode Island theatrical and stage employee union has been indicted on charges he embezzled more than $74,000 in union and union employee benefit money.

Right to Work Law Needed in Kentucky’s Economic Toolbox

Times-Tribune Online, Corbin, KY,  March 21, 2014

“And while there are opposing viewpoints that cite a variety of contradictory economic statistics to favor their position, the reality for the professional economic developer is very clear: all too often Kentucky is not even considered or is quickly eliminated from consideration for new or expanded business projects that are out there,” Goode said.

Unions face big decision — how hard to back Quinn

Daily Herald, March 20, 2014

Union leaders fought a major multiyear battle with Quinn over their members’ pension benefits, and that’s why going all-in for him might not be an easy call despite their distaste for Rauner.

The governor pushed for and signed a law cutting public pension benefits in December.

A blow to their long-term retirement security pushed by a guy many of them work for was a tough thing to stomach for a lot of public-sector workers.