Ironworkers PAC Money Not Welcome

Workers who are forced to pay dues dollars to fund endorsements and support candidates they would not choose voluntarily, may be getting a break if they are nonmembers working under the Phildelphia Ironworkers Local 401.  Apparently the PAC doesn’t seem able to divest its money the way union bosses would like since the indictment of several of the union’s officials for racketeering and violence. Eric Boehm has the story in

Formerly a heavy-hitter in Pennsylvania politics, at least in Philadelphia and its suburbs, Ironworkers’ Local 401 has spent far less during the 2014 election cycle than any others in recent history.

But in the court of political opinion, the union seems to be less welcome than it was in previous cycles.

After handing out more than $160,000 to candidates in 2010 and more than $170,000 in 2012, Ironworkers Local 401’s political action committee has spent only $46,650 so far in 2014, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Department of State.

Although final reports are not due until after the election, the union is well below its pace from previous years.