Union Violence Rampant in Philadelphia

Union bosses in Philadelphia are being brought to justice after waging a war against nonunion workers and contractors in Philadelphia.  Their deeds include arson and intimidation, sabotage and threats.  Tim Walker has the story in the Free Patriot.

“The Helpful Union Guys,” or as some may call them “thugs” for short, a systematic team of union ironworkers that wreaked havoc over the Philadelphia region after the 2008 crash of the local and national economy.

Union ironworkers decided to make rounds at non-union sites around Metro-Philadelphia threatening builders, smashing beams and ultimately burning down a Quaker Meeting House just before the Christmas holiday.

This February twelve ironworkers were indicted on intimidation tactics including slashing tires, blocking worksites, grabbing and threatening rivals, even grabbing them by the throat.

The incidents happened at apartments complexes, elementary schools, boutiques, coffee shops, and a gym.

So far eight of the twelve pleaded guilty as charged. The FBI said in a statement that, “The defendants relied on a reputation for violence and sabotage … to force contractors to hire union members.”