Rank and File Teamsters Rail Against Boss “Parasites”


A worthy union will not have to force workers into membership.  A bad union should  not have the power to force workers to pay it dues.  As the article points out, New York is not a  Right to Work state, where workers can refrain from joining or supporting labor unions.  And the rank and file of Teamsters Local 812 in Long Island, New York, are paying the price.  812 Members for Change is bringing to light various allegations of wrongdoing amongst local officers, creating an unusally bitter campaign within the local.  Allegations range from lying, paying themselves outrageous salaries, misuse of member dues and sabotage of pension funds.  Labor Union Report Diary has the story.


Last year, according to financial records on file with the U.S. Department of Labor, the union claimed 3,504 members and the average Local 812 union members paid over $1,060 in dues, fees, or assessments according to the DOL records.

Since New York is not a Right-to-Work state, the union was able to require payment from the workers or have them terminated from their jobs if they refused.

With their pension fund is in critical status, as is required by law, the union sent out a notice to all affected members last year stating, “that by the 2018 Plan Year, contributions are not expected to be high enough to meet government standards for funding promised benefits plus those benefits that participants are currently earning.”

Given that their pensions may run out of money in a few short years and more than $1,000 coming out of their paychecks to fund the union, members facing an uncertain future appear disgruntled and disgusted at their union leaders for a variety of issues, including misusing union funds, raising their own salaries, lying to members, as well as threatening to a union shop steward at a Anheuser Bush facility in the Bronx.

So disgruntled, in fact, that several members were handing these fliers out at least one Local 812-represented worksite: