West Virginia Right to Work?

18 year-old West Virginia legislator wants to make West Virginia the next Right to Work state.  Eliza Gray has the story for Time Magazine.

 She is the daughter of Craig Blair, a state Senator. She donated $3,600 of her own money to the campaign. Blair is staunchly conservative, holding anti-abortion, pro-gun, and anti-gay marriage views, according to her campaign website. She is also a proponent of voter ID laws, and she wants to repeal a law in West Virginia that has led to unusually high gas taxes.
Most important to me is jobs in West Virginia. I’ve watched too many people get a high school and college education and then leave the state because they cannot get a good paying job. I want to get jobs to West Virginia and one of the biggest ways to do that would be making west Virginia a right-to-work state [which would prohibit businesses from requiring employees to be part of a union or pay union dues].