NILRR News Clips February 13, 2015




Illinois Governor Fights Forced Unionism

Western, February 11, 2015

Patrick Semmens of the National Right to Work Foundation commented on Rauner’s executive order: “This executive action is a bold step to protect the rights of Illinois state employees from being forced to pay tribute to union bosses as a condition of working as a public servant. We look forward to providing legal assistance to Illinois employees who want to exercise their rights under this executive order.”

Group Claims Washington Union Is Misleading Its Members

The Daily Caller Online, February 11, 2015

Freedom Foundation, a state-based free market think tank, has accused the SEIU 925 of purposely misleading its members of their right to opt-out of union membership while the state idly let it happen. Since the Supreme Court case Harris v. Quinn, homecare providers have gained the right to leave their union. Maxford Nelsen, a labor policy analyst for the Freedom Foundation, said the union went as far as lawsuits and firing a contractor to keep the information from getting to its members.

GOP Push To Block NLRB Rule Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Law 360 Online, February 11, 2015

“There’s no question that Congress must take action to curtail the actions of this board and

general counsel,” said John Raudabaugh, a professor at the Ave Maria School of Law and a

former NLRB member.

The $7 Billion Slowdown

Competitive Enterprise Institute Online, February 12, 2015

The ongoing logjam at ports on the West Coast could cost American retailers around $7 billion this year, according to the consultancy Kurt Salmon.

Missouri House gives final approval to ‘right-to-work’ bill, February 12, 2015

A statewide right-to-work measure passed in the Missouri House on Thursday, potentially setting the stage for an intense fight in the Senate where one Democrat who’s a retired union member said she would “fall on her sword” to block it.

Bill takes aim at union labor pacts: Councilman Anderson says state bill would hurt 3,000 workers in Chattanooga alone

Chattanooga Times Free Press Online, February 13, 2015

The Senate bill seeks to prevent cities and metropolitan governments in Tennessee from recognizing or entering agreements with employee unions and rendering any “agreement, contract, understanding, or practice, written or oral, implied or expressed” between a city and a union “illegal, void and of no legal effect.”

Americans for Tax Reform, Center for Worker Freedom Support Local Right-to-Work in Kentucky

PR Newswire, February 12, 2015

Five Kentucky counties have passed right-to-work in the last two months, including Warren, Todd, Fulton, Simpson and Harden Counties, and many more are poised to follow.

The Center for Worker Freedom and Americans for Tax Reform have joined a large coalition of business and advocacy groups in signing a letter of support for this effort, highlighting the increased economic competiveness that right-to-work brings. The letter notes:

Duey Stroebel promises to co-sponsor right to work bill in the Senate if elected

Wisconsin Election Watch, February 11, 2015

With six days to go before the primary election for the 20th Senate District, Duey Stroebel announced that he would co-sponsor legislation in the Senate to implement right to work and eliminate the prevailing wage law if he wins the Republican primary.

Congress Takes First Shot at NLRB Ambush Election Rule, February 10, 2015

In a press release that announces the resolution to stop the ambush election rule, Representative John Kline, chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, said “The Obama labor board is moving forward with a radical plan that will stifle employer free speech, cripple worker free choice, and jeopardize the privacy of workers and their families… Congress must use every available tool to stop this flawed regulatory scheme.”

Carpenters union hits its own thumb in Convention Center hammering

Daily News Online, February 11, 2015

The center’s management – citing eyewitness reports and surveillance videos – said that the carpenters came in waves, beginning about 12:30 p.m., and engaged in repeated acts of harassment and vandalism: stuffing auto interiors with leaflets, stealing fuses and knobs on dashboards, removing oil caps and ripping out wiring.

Poll: Most West Virginians support right to work, February 9, 2015

More than 66 percent of West Virginia’s registered voters support the creation of a right to work law in West Virginia, according to a new poll from Mark Blankenship Enterprises conducted on behalf of Americans For Prosperity – West Virginia.

Right-to-work law stands as judge dismisses suit over Michigan Capitol lockdown, February 7, 2015

A Michigan Court of Claims judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the state’s right-to-work law over alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act during the legislative process.

Another challenge to Michigan’s Right to Work law bites the dust, February 9, 2015

The union groups who filed the lawsuit, supported by the ACLU, premised their claim on the fact that due to action by law enforcement closing the Capitol Building for safety reasons, members of the public were prevented from being present during the vote for the controversial laws. However, this argument failed to sway the Michigan Court of Claims, which hears cases involving the state as a party. On Friday, Michigan Court of Claims Judge Deborah Servitto granted summary judgment for the state, dismissing the lawsuit. She found that even if all citizens could not physically enter the Capitol Building, it was still an open meeting under the law.