Illinois Governor Frees State Employees


Scott Reeder, veteran statehouse reporter, comments on Governor Bruce Rauner’s executive order freeing Illinois state employees from paying forced dues.  The order was prompted by the Supreme Court Harris v. Quinn case, brought by National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.  This order will free Illinois public employees from paying forced dues.

In fact, the Harris case prompted Gov. Bruce Rauner to issue an executive order this month saying that state workers do not have to pay money to unions – unless they want to.

Rauner is seeking a declaratory judgment in federal court to affirm that his actions are constitutional.

And that has to frighten union bosses nationwide.

Here’s why.

Ultimately if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Rauner, every government worker in the United States could be off the hook for union dues.

And only those who want to belong, not those forced to pay, would support government unions.

And this wouldn’t be just for Illinois state workers. It would be for every city, state, county and school district employee in the United States.

That is how it is already in 25 states.

It’s a matter of worker freedom.

People should not be forced to give to a group they don’t agree with just to have a job.