Wisconsin = 25th Right to Work State


The Wisconsin legislature has voted for freedom for all workers, passing a Right to Work bill making the Badger state the 25th Right to Work state in the union.  Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign the bill on Monday.  The Associated Press has the story in the Wall Street Journal.

Wisconsin lawmakers voted Friday to make their state the 25th to enact right-to-work legislation, pushing a fast-tracked bill through the Assembly after an overnight debate and sending it on to Gov. Scott Walker for his promised signature.

The Republican governor, a likely 2016 presidential candidate who rose to national prominence by taking on public-sector unions four years ago, plans to sign it Monday. Walker planned to be in Iowa for an agriculture summit on Saturday that is attracting other likely Republican presidential candidates.

The Assembly passed the bill 62-35 after a marathon session that included about 20 hours of debate. It was a straight party-line vote, with no Democrats backing the measure.

The protests weren’t nearly as large as four years ago, growing only as large as about 3,000 people, compared with 100,000 in 2011.

Minutes after debate began in the Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday, protesters in the chamber’s gallery interrupted Mr. Vos, shouting “Right-to-work is wrong for Wisconsin!” Mr. Vos ordered the galleries cleared, leading to lawmakers debating in a chamber with no spectators.