Nevada Reforms Monopoly Bargaining


The Nevada legislature has passed a bill which would make government employee union monopoly bargaining procedures more transparent.  Even though the state has a Right To Work Law, many government employees are still subject to monopoly bargaining agreements against their will.  Sean Whaley of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has the story.

Senate Bill 158, one of the more modest proposals to change the law, would require three days of public notice of collective bargaining agreements before they could be approved by a local government elected body. The bill would require a local government employer to post a copy of any agreement, along with supporting materials, on its website three days before a vote is scheduled on the proposal. Other measures still under consideration by the Republican-controlled Legislature would make more substantial changes. Assembly Bill 280 by Erv Nelson, R-Las Vegas, would allow local governments to opt out of collective bargaining entirely with local unions. Police officers would be exempt from the provision.