UAW Loses Monopoly Bid

In what can be described as a crushing blow, Volkswagen has decided to recognize a German-style works council at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Plant workers have never voted unanimously to be represented by the United Auto Workers, despite UAW union bosses’ best efforts.  Jalopnik has the story.

The UAW has been pushing for what seems like an eternity to be declared the sole union recognized by VW at its Chattanooga plant that would create a German-style works council.

However, the formal request that the UAW has made to be the only representative of VW’s employees has been denied by Volkswagen. Naturally, the UAW isn’t super pleased that VW will work with both the UAW, which represents 55 percent of the workers at the plant, and the American Council of Employees, another union that has at least 15 percent (and as much as 30) of the workforce under its umbrella.

The UAW was denied last year as the sole union in an election as well by about 90 votes. The UAW will continue pushing to organize the entirety of the workforce at the Tennessee plant while VW will continue to work with the others that want to represent employees at the plant.