NILRR Right to Work Clipsheet November 13, 2015




UMWA endorses Jim Justice for governor

WV Metro News, November 12, 2015

When asked about how he would handle a right-to-work bill as governor, Justice said he would veto it.

Why bond-buyers prefer red states

Your Daily Journal Online, November 12, 2015

States with strong public-employee unions — which they measured with membership rates, collective-bargaining rights and the presence or absence of right-to-work laws — tended to have higher-cost debt, all other things being equal. So did states that had Democratic legislatures. Indeed, the higher the proportion of Democrats, the higher the interest rates investors demanded for their money.

“Market participants seem to treat these variables as indicators of the probability that a given state government will choose to default on its debt instead of initiating politically costly austerity measures,” the researchers concluded.


A longtime leader in the labor movement emailed Morning Shift his take on SEIU’s likely Hillary Clinton endorsement, which appears likely to occur Tuesday.


The Senate Judiciary Committee and HELP Committee will hold a staff briefing today on the upcoming Friedrichs versus California Teachers Association Supreme Court case, which could impose right-to-work rules on government employees nationwide. The briefing will include presentations from SEIU, NEA, AFSCME and the American Federation of Teachers.

Teacher Union Lawyers Tacitly Admit Many Educators Get Paid Less as a Consequence of Monopolistic Unionism, November 09, 2015

Under an array of federal court precedents such as Atkins v. City of Charlotte and the labor statutes of every state in the union, K-12 public educators have the right to join and financially support a union without being fired as a consequence. But otherwise the state laws and policies governing labor-management relations in public schools are extraordinarily diverse.

Report: Cincinnati-based Teamsters misused funds, November 07, 2015

The most startling conclusion: The conference spent 70 percent of the money it took from members on things that investigators said didn’t benefit members.

Labor bosses’ big loss could bring right-to-work to Kentucky, November 99, 2015

With a new governor pushing the issue in 2016, House Democrats up for re-election next November could potentially be persuaded right-to-work is in their best interests.

High hopes for Kentucky re: Right to Work, November 09, 2015

“We have passed Right to Work in 12 different counties, which makes us very unique,” she continues. “We’re the first state in the country to do Right to Work by ordinance. Several of these counties — Logan and Fulton County specifically — came out strong for our former governor in 2011. They are counties that have 3-1 Democrat registration. They’re also counties we happened to pass Right to Work in this year by majorities of mixed partisanship, and this year we saw a huge turnout with Governor-elect [Matt] Bevin in those counties.”