60% of West Virginians Support Right to Work


Union bosses in West Virginia are running scared as a public opinion poll shows 60% of West Virginians support a Right To Work law for the Mountain State.  A Right To Work law for West Virginia would realize the state’s motto, “Montani Semper Liberi,” or  “Mountaineers are Always Free.”  Jason Hart has the story on watchdog.org.

West Virginia Flag

To drive down public opinion on right-to-work — 60 percent of West Virginians support right-to-work, and only 23 percent oppose it — union leaders are telling voters the law would have terrible consequences.

State legislators are “seeking to diminish those rights of West Virginia’s working people,” West Virginia AFL-CIO president Kenny Perdue said Sunday.

But the West Virginia AFL-CIO says right-to-work “is deeply controversial, confusing and would cost West Virginia families on average $5,000 a year.” To prove it, the labor coalition is using a graphic from the AFL-CIO’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.

The West Virginia AFL-CIO failed to respond to questions from Watchdog.org about how workers’ rights and safety are endangered by letting workers choose whether to pay unions.

“It’s not surprising that union bosses are using inaccurate scare tactics to protect their fat cat salaries at the expense of West Virginia workers’ freedom,” Americans for Prosperity West Virginia state director Jason Huffman told Watchdog.org.

“Right-to-work is simple: it allows employees to make the decision of union membership for themselves, which ensures that unions serve our workers instead of far left labor bosses in Washington,” Huffman said.

“Instead of convincing folks how they can serve workers, the AFL-CIO has resorted to a misleading campaign of fear so they can continue to force West Virginians desperately in need of work to either pay dues, or remain unemployed.”

West Virginia’s 2016 legislative session begins January 13.