Right to Work for Ohio?


Ohio legislators are once again presented with an opportunity to give Ohio workers workplace freedom.  Jeremy Pelzer has the story on cleveland.com.

A number of Republican leaders say they personally support House Bill 377, which would prohibit private-sector labor union membership as a condition of employment.

The House Commerce and Labor Committee gave the bill its first hearing Tuesday.  If passed, Ohio would be the 26th state to enact a “right-to-work” law.

Even if the bill passes the Ohio House and Senate, Republican Gov. John Kasich has appeared hesitant to support a “right-to-work” bill. Kasich, who was stung by the backlash against SB5 and is now running for president, has said that he doesn’t anticipate a need for a “right-to-work” law in the state.

A “right-to-work” law would result in more jobs in Ohio, Brinkman testified. Democrats on the committee dispute that assertion.

Brinkman also said it is a matter of fairness for workers who are currently forced to pay union dues.

“Simply put, this bill is about making Ohio more competitive and business friendly as well as supporting personal liberty,” he said.

But House Democrats and the Ohio Democratic Party each issued news releases bashing the measure, claiming it would lower Ohio workers’ quality of life.