NILRR Right to Work Clipsheet February 12, 2016



National Right to Work Committee Congratulates West Virginia on Becoming 26th Right to Work State, February 12, 2016

“Today marks a tremendous victory in the fight to protect every West Virginian’s right to get or keep a job without having to pay union dues or fees. With the House of Delegates and Senate overriding Gov. Tomblin’s veto of the Right to Work Bill, West Virginia is now America’s 26th Right to Work state.

New Mexico Gov. Martinez Revives Right-to-Work Push, February 8, 2016

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) is attempting, for the second time, to bring right-to-work (RTW) reform to her state.

Andrew C. Kadak: Make R.I. a right to work state

Providence Journal Online, February 08, 2016

I would start with making Rhode Island a right-to-work state. This would show businesses that we are serious about creating jobs.

We will never spend our way to prosperity.

Obama’s Latest Lifeline for Unions

Wall Street Journal Online, February 01, 2016

The Labor Department is about to give organized labor a boost by tilting the law against business. It is proposing a new rule, due out in March to take effect before summer, that will require companies to make public the names of the outside attorneys and consultants that give them advice on unionization. These attorneys and consultants, in turn, would have to make public all the other clients they help with union matters, and how much they charged these clients.

Teamsters Official Threatens Wells Fargo Bank Alleged Support of Freedom Foundation., February 03, 2016

Coryell’s ouster heralds change for Philadelphia labor

Philadelphia Inquirer Online, February 08, 2016

On Wednesday, Coryell was ousted from his post, and the union locals in his council were divided among councils in Edison, N.J.; Pittsburgh; and Framingham, Mass., with most moving to Edison.

Washington Examiner: Dark political spending? Try unions, February 12, 2016

Yet even here, the left wants the public to overlook the darkest of dark money — the political money spent by labor unions.

Much of this spending does not even have to be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission, and it was being spent in large, secret amounts long before Citizens United came along. But the hundreds of millions that unions spend allow a very small minority of the population, namely the bosses of a few small and shrinking labor organizations, to wield disproportionate influence in a number of states.

IBEW Local 98 Literally Has 3 Surveillance Drones Now, February 09, 2016

In a video recently posted to YouTube and embedded above, Local 98 reveals that it now has a drone that can monitor non-union worksites. You can even see Johnny Doc nodding excitedly as the footage begins. It’s set to Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”, because of course it is. Yo, did they get the proper clearance on that thing? I suppose it’s fair use.

Five years later, Act 10 saves taxpayers $5 billion, study finds

Wisconsin, February 11, 2016

The Madison-based free-market think tank’s report estimates taxpayers have saved $5.24 billion over the past five years, thanks to the law.