NILRR Right to Work Clipsheet March 04, 2016





Politico Morning Shift Online, March 01, 2016

MIT and the Ivy League teamed up Monday on an amicus brief urging the NLRB not to allow graduate student teaching assistants to form unions at Columbia. The schools said there’s no “compelling reason,” to reverse the board’s 2004 decision in Brown University, which prohibited graduate student organizing. “The only record evidence of private-sector bargaining experience with graduate assistance since the 2004 Brown decision demonstrates the burdensome and disruptive effect such bargaining has on graduate education,” they said.

Sheet metal workers claim union, company violated Wisconsin’s right-to-work law, March 03, 2016

Ten employees at a sheet metal fabrication plant in Allenton are taking their fight against forced unionization to court, in a case that could test the strength of Wisconsin’s right-to-work law.

The employees, represented free of charge by the Virginia-based National Right to Work Foundation, note the collective bargaining agreement clearly states the contract was signed and entered into on March 18 — nine days after the right-to-work law and its prohibitions against forced unionization were implemented.

Lawmakers Want to Know Everything About Official Union Time, Down to Square Footage of Offices Used, March 01, 2016

Ross’ bill would require agencies, and later OPM, to report on the total amount of official time granted to employees, the average amount of official time per bargaining unit employee, what specifically the official time was used for, the number of employees using any amount of official time — including data on how many employees are full time official timers — and the total compensation provided to employees on official time status. It would also force agencies to describe the offices that are used for official time, including the square footage of each room.

State Police Sergeant Sues Over Removal As SWAT Commander

Hartford Courant Online, March 03, 2016

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Sgt. Joseph Mercer, alleges that Commissioner Dora Schriro and Sgt. Andrew Matthews, the head of the state police union, conspired to remove him from his position as operations sergeant of the Emergency Services Unit, which includes SWAT, and replace him with a union member.

Missouri Senate approves limits on union fees in paychecks March 02, 2016

The Missouri Senate has approved legislation that would require public employees’ annual permission for unions to withhold dues from their paychecks.

US Supreme Court Deals Devastating Blow In Public Union Pension Case

Daily Caller Online, March 01, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a devastating blow to New Jersey labor unions Monday by declining to hear their case against Gov. Chris Christie for cutting state pensions.

Bills would allow employees to vote on right-to-work

Lansing State Journal Online, March 01, 2016

The bills would change Michigan’s controversial right-to-work laws to allow public and private employers to agree to all-union contracts if such contracts are supported by the employees. All employees in the bargaining group would then be compelled to pay union dues or so-called “fair-share fees,” a requirement made illegal by the 2012 right-to-work policies.

Minnesota child-care providers reject union

St. Paul Star-Tribune Online, March 01, 2016

Minnesota child-care providers have overwhelmingly voted against unionizing, likely ending a debate that has been emotionally charged and politically divisive for a decade.

By the time the votes were tallied Tuesday, the lopsided results dealt a decisive loss to labor: 1,014 “no” votes to 392 who favored unionization. Although there are about 10,000 licensed child-care providers in the state, only those who care for children receiving state subsidies were eligible to vote. That meant 2,348 providers were eligible when voting began Feb. 8.

Walter Thorne: Make R.I. a right-to-work state

Providence Journal Online, March 01, 2016

If Governor Raimondo could, in the near future, tell Ford that the Ocean State now is the only right-to-work state in New England she would then have something of value to promote, and Rhode Island would possess a unique and valuable economic expansion tool. Ford executives and others would understand immediately the regional economic benefit Rhode Island provides.

VP chatter turns to Tom Perez, a pick that could help Clinton with progressives

Yahoo Politics Online, February 29, 2016

Perez has emerged as a high profile and active surrogate for Clinton. Since endorsing her last December, Perez traveled to all four early-voting states to campaign for Clinton. He also hit the spin room for Clinton after the Democratic debate in Wisconsin on Feb. 11.