NILRR Right to Work News September 29, 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear First Amendment Challenge to Forced Union Fees for Government Workers The following press release was issued this morning in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement today that it is granting a writ of certiorari in Janus v. AFSCME, Tim Meads

Coverage on Janus Cert. Grant by Maddy Joseph

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Supreme Court to Decide on Power of Public Sector Unions

Union Power Hangs In The Balance Of This New SCOTUS Case

Supreme Court again will consider mandatory fees to public-employee unions

Supreme Court will hear challenge to public union fees

Supreme Court will hear challenge to public-sector union fees that could rewrite union law

By Ryan Lovelace, Sean Higgins | Sep 28, 2017, 10:43 AM

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Against Compulsory Public-Sector Union Fees

Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Mandatory Fees to Unions

Mark Sherman of the Associated Press quotes Mark Mix.

Supreme Court to Hear Agency Fee Case, Mike Antonucci

Supreme Court to Hear Labor Case that Threatens Unions Bill Messenger joined Jaclyn Driscoll on NPR-Illinois today to discuss Janus. Listen in the link:  Mentions both Janus & Hartnett.

Judgment Day for Public Unions

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Supreme Court Grants Cert In Historic Employee Freedom Case

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18 hours ago – Janus is seeking to overturn a 1977 Supreme Court case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, that said public workers who refuse to join a union can still be …

Mandatory dues for leftist politics in crosshairs –


Supreme Court Convenes To Review A Summer’s Worth Of Petitions

The Daily Caller

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Justices’ Labor Docket Light but Significant

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Judge Blocks Enforcement Of Right To Work In West Virginia; Supreme Court Thrashes Her Ruling, September 28, 2017

“This monumental failure of legal reasoning was compounded by extraordinary and baseless delay occasioned by the circuit court. Accordingly, I respectfully concur in the majority’s reversal of the preliminary injunction and remand for further proceedings. I further encourage the circuit court to assiduously avoid further delay and grant this matter its foremost attention.”

That is a serious legal scolding.

Senate Confirms Appointment of William J. Emanuel to NLRB; Board Has Full Complement,- For Now

Labor Relations Update, September 25, 2017

In a 49-47 vote today, the Senate confirmed William J. Emanuel’s appointment to the NLRB. Once Mr. Emanuel is sworn in, it will be first time since 2015 that the NLRB has had a full five members. Before 2015, years of gridlock often saw the Board at less than full strength, which resulted in all sorts of mayhem, including the two Member Board debacle.

PERB Chairman: More Lawsuits Possible Over New Collective Bargaining Law, September 26, 2017

Roughly 475 public sector bargaining units will face recertification votes next month. That ballot will involve 34,000 public sector workers employed by the state, counties, cities and schools.

Eventually the recertification vote will be conducted for all of Iowa’s more than 1200 public sector bargaining units.

The ISEA and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are already in court challenging the constitutionality of the collective bargaining law.

Skubick: MEA membership falls since Right to Work law passes, September 25, 2017

Political insiders in this town once considered the Michigan Education Association to be one of the 800-pound gorillas on the political scene.

That is not the case any more and the numbers tell the story.

In 2012 there were 84,000, in 2016 there were 68,900, a loss of over 24,000 teachers.

U.S., Canadian Teamsters Work Together For Working Families In NAFTA Round III, September 25, 2017

“The first draft of the U.S. proposal on worker rights is inadequate and needs to be reworked,” Hoffa stated. “The Canadian text, however, goes farther and even addresses American right-to-work laws that depress wages and therefore attract companies in a ‘free trade’ race to the bottom. I urge the U.S. negotiators to work with us and with their Canadian counterparts to craft a labor chapter that will raise standards and wages throughout North America. Anything less should not be a starting point for these negotiations. It is imperative that a NAFTA replacement get it right when it comes to workers’ rights.”

Teachers vote overwhelmingly to maintain unions in initial voting

Des Moines Register Online, September 26, 2017

Thirteen bargaining units representing nearly 1,300 Iowa teachers and faculty have voted overwhelmingly to maintain their union affiliations in the first wave of elections required under Iowa’s new collective bargaining laws.

Do Teachers’ Unions Weaken the Immune System?, September 26, 2017

A recent report by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s senior research and policy associate David Griffith shows that teachers have worse work attendance than their peers in other industries and teachers in other countries.

FCA-UAW scandal figure unloaded Ferrari amid FBI probe

September 29, 2017

So far, investigators have seized at least $292,000 from others involved in the case and two solid-gold, bejeweled Montblanc fountain pens that cost $35,700 each. Iacobelli bought the pens with money that was supposed to help train UAW blue-collar workers, prosecutors say.

Democratic Super PAC Steps Up Push To Fight ‘Conservative Dark Money’, September 28, 2017

Left unchecked, the influx of “conservative dark money” into state legislative races and partisan redistricting poses a critical threat to the Democratic Party’s future, according to an analysis released Thursday by Democratic super PAC Forward Majority.

Big Labor’s $1 Billion Advocacy Budget, September 27, 2017

The 2018 election cycle is already underway. Experts estimate more than $3 billion will be spent on political advertisements alone.

If history is any indication, labor unions will be intimately involved. The Center for Union Facts (CUF) has found that, from 2012 to 2016, Big Labor sent nearly $765 million in member dues to the Democratic Party and liberal special interest groups. This is in addition to funds spent directly on candidate support. CUF estimates that, since 2010, unions have contributed more than $1 billion to liberal groups without prior member approval.