Big Labor Boss Barricade Against Right to Work Costs Missourians Jobs


Holding up Missouri’s Right to Work Law is costing Missourians thousands of job opportunities.

Missouri and national union bosses have created an anti-Right to Work barricade preventing Missourians from prospering under their state’s year-old law prohibiting forced union dues and fees. Sadly, but predictably, Big Labor’s actions are costing Missourians their jobs according to new federal data.

In early 2017, Missouri and Kentucky both passed Right to Work laws. In Kentucky, unlike in Missouri, union bosses have not succeeded in preventing Right to Work protections from being implemented. (Of course, Kentucky and national union bosses are still trying to undermine the Right to Work in the Bluegrass State.)

Across the state of Kentucky, where Right to Work protections are being enforced, U.S. Labor Department data released last month show that the “total” number of people “employed” rose by 100,000 in 2017 over 2016.  Meanwhile, during the same period, Missouri’s total number of employed people plummeted by nearly 100,000, from 2.711 million to 2.613 million.