All in the Family: Dougherty and Forced Dues


According to the indictment, 10 of Johnny Doughterty’s family members, currently unnamed,  benefited most from the force dues paid to the IBEW Local 198.   From baby wipes to $20,000 security systems, from high-end birthday parties to numerous repairs, performed for free by contractors, Johnny Doc’s family members were the receivers of much largesse.  None of the family members has yet to be indicted or accused of any crime.  In addition to these shows of wealth and affection, the indictment states Dougherty kept 3 young men on the union payroll as personal shoppers and “gofers” for the family. 

“Prosecutors have charged Dougherty, 58, with embezzling union funds, wire fraud, falsifying records, and accepting illegal payments.   Among seven other defendants is Brian Fiocca, a son of Dougherty’s sister, Maureen Fiocca.”

“The indictment accuses Dougherty of using union funds to pay for a $1,907 birthday party for Family Member No. 1 on Aug. 26, 2015. Cecilia Dougherty’s 54th birthday was the following day.”

“Dougherty threw the party at Café Martorano in Atlantic City. In seeking union reimbursement, he described the event as a “IBEW Third District Progress Meeting.”

“At Dougherty’s direction, according to the indictment, family meals out were reimbursed as union meetings with politicians and others. One was listed as a meeting to discuss “diversity in the union movement.”

“In 2014 and 2015, the indictment says, contracting firms connected to Dougherty went to Family Member No. 2′s Somers Point home to make $8,000 in repairs. The labor was free or paid by Local 98 under false invoices stating the work was on union buildings, according to the indictment.”

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