Union Bosses Fight Montana Janus Bill


An effort to bring Montana policy in line with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation-won Janus v. AFSCME decision, which gives all public sector employees the freedom to work without having to pay union bosses for the privilege, has produced a flurry of desperate attempts by union bosses to negate the effects of the decision and many have just ignored the decision completely. 

House Majority Leader Brad Tschida’s bill would require employees to “opt in” to union  membership and prohibit the collection of any dues or fees from nonunion employees.

Union bosses have reacted with the usual outrage. 


“If you’d rather focus your career in public service without being forced to pay money to a government union, you can have that freedom of choice as well,” Tschida said.

Tschida also noted that public employees have only the month of September to opt out of unions. The bill mandates that they be allowed to opt out “at any time.”

Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney called the bill “unnecessary” and said it stretched “far beyond the court’s decision.”