Ohio TCU-IAM Union’s Bud Sherwood Admits Embezzlement

Sandusky, Ohio man pleaded guilty to embezzling from Transportation Communication Union (International Association of Machinists) Lodge 6546 while serving as the union’s Secretary Treasurer. 

Bud G. Sherwood admitted to embezzling to an amount approximately 50% of the union’s annual dues. 

Unfortunately for the employees covered by the TCU/IAM union’s monopoly bargaining contract, they were forced to continuing pay fees union fees and dues to the union because Ohio is not a right to work state.  While Right To Work does not prevent corruption like Bud Sherwood’s, it does allow employees the right to stop supporting a union for any reason, including corruption.

Click to see the TCU/IAM 6546 union’s 2013-18 union financial disclosures filed with the U.S. Department of Labor of Labor.