UAW Union Rank and File Preparing for Massive Strike

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UAW Headquarters LM-2 reveals how much money UAW headquarters took in and where they spent it.

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Before considering what a UAW strike could mean, let us examine the vast array of industries UAW has organized to get an idea of just how massive a UAW strike could be.

It’s not only auto workers who are worried about the state of the Union.   The UAW is as talented as the infamous Mr. Ripley in novels.   The corruption investigations as well as the “Big Three” negotiations not only affect autoworkers.  UAW has organized in the following industries:  food manufacturing workers; workers who manufacture kitchen appliances; forklift and truck equipment service rental; houses; sugar processing; hockey sticks; janitorial services; defense transportation; food services; insurance sales;  printing; promotional goods/apparel; forging and machining; aerospace; a temp agency; logistics; transportation; trucking; warehousing; pharmaceutical; railway; health care; nonprofit advocacy; recycling; financial; textiles; lodging; gaming and marine.  The UAW has also gained ground in the public sector, the fastest-growing sector in the economy.  The assortment of government public sector workers is remarkable:  school cafeteria workers, education personnel, Treasury employees, Youth Affairs and General Dynamics personnel.

With the contract between the “Big Three Automakers” and the United Auto Workers (UAW) due to expire next month, a slowdown in automobile sales and a raid on UAW presidents’ homes earlier this week, rank and file UAW members feel betrayed and are preparing for the worst, rapidly losing faith in union bosses’ ability to deliver on the promises they make.

Julia Limitone continues the story on Fox Business News.

 “As soon as news broke of this raid, we were receiving emails and phone calls from factory workers from all over the country who were very angry and very upset,” said Detroit Free Press autos and labor reporter Phoebe Wall Howard during an interview with FOX Business. “And so the contracts are due to expire. The factory workers are saying, these are the people we count on to advocate on our behalf. And now suspicion continues to grow.”


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