United Food and Commercial Union Boss Charged with Embezzlement


While Congress debates the PRO Act, which would give union bosses almost total power over businesses, to say nothing over workers’ paychecks and whether or not they must pay dues to an unwanted union, The U. S. Department of Labor continues to investigate claims of corruption and collusion, and wanton misuse of union dues. 

Mark Douglas acted as President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1101 from November 11, 2011 until January 17, 2015, covering the local’s grievances with the Domino Sugar Company and running the day to day operations of the union. 

Union officers were permitted to file “lost time” claims to be reimbursed for conducting union business. Lost time is generally taken for arbitrations, attorney visits, accountant visits, or negotiations with Domino Sugar Company. The term is ambiguous because it seems that these activities would be part and parcel of a union president’s duties.  In any case, the claims were unrelated to work duties. 

During his tenure as President, Douglas filed fraudulent “lost time” claims with the union, totaling approximately $7,078.35.  He has pleaded guilty.