Crooked Union Bosses Caught in Election Hijinks


Members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 230 will have a chance to vote for the candidates of their choice after the U. S. Department of Labor mooted the March 2, 2019 election of officers, including president, executive vice-president, secretary-treasurer, human resources director, legislative director, area business directors and others.   Union bosses were charged with assorted strategies which left union members without sufficient time and wherewithal to select and vote for candidates.  Among the charges were imposing unreasonable candidate qualifications, unduly burdensome restrictions on candidates, unreasonable opportunity a nominations notice that notified all members of the forms, time and place to submit nominations.  Union bosses also failed to give members enough notice when they neglected to mail election notices to all members no less than 15 days prior to the election thus leaving members in the dark about the election. 

The new election will be supervised by the Department of Labor, and will occur no later than  February 28, 2010. 

Check out APWU’s LM-2 here.