Teamsters Local 41 Forced to Hold New Election After Ballot Snafu

Union bosses may not like secret ballot elections when conducting organizing drives, but they cannot deny their members in a union election. A lawsuit alleging Local 41 did not enough safeguards to ensure all ballots were counted in November, 2017 election, has been filed on behalf of the members of that local.  Apparently a mistake with the bar code on the ballot envelopes caused some of the ballots to be returned to members instead of being sent in to the local office.  The election would render null and void the president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, recording secretary and three trustees.  The United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri ruled that Local 41 did not provide adequate instructions for the casting of ballots regarding the directions for casting ballots to remedy the barcode failure on the Local’s private Facebook group.  This group comprised less than 115 percent of the local’s membership.  There will be a new election of officers under the supervision of the Office of Labor Management Standards.