2000-2019 UAW Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Reports


USDOL LM-2 Disclosures Top-Paid Disclosed Officers and Employees

What’s Under UAW’s Hood?

While some wages appear on union LM-2 reports, gargantuan amounts paid to officers are often hidden. For example, AFL-CIO president John Sweeney used to report an LM-2 salary of around $225,000. However, his signed AFL-CIO LM-2 reports failed to disclose an annual payment of $200,000 to him over his five-year term as president, which totaled an additional (undisclosed on the union’s LM-2) $1 million he received every five years as president of the AFL-CIO. Sweeney became fully vested by the end of each five-year term as president. Had it not been for a more exact disclosure one year on a tax report, members might never know about the extra millions. Other AFL-CIO officers like Richard Trumka, also receive similar deferred benefits undisclosed on the USDOL Form LM-2s.

This 20% per -year vestiture scheme highlights a loophole that remains in DOL disclosure today.  One that was closed during the Bush Administration, eliminated by the Obama Administration, and stays unchanged under the present Administration.

UAW Officer-Employee Highlights

Every year the UAW reports financial information to the USDOL about the union that includes details of officer and employee pay inclusive of allowances and direct non-retirement disbursements, but excluding cost of other benefits.[ii] 

Current UAW corruption charges indicate underreported financial gain by several union officials existed.  Below are what the UAW reported paying its officers and employees over the past several years. Do you see any potential underreportings?  A good idea is to compare these numbers to the UAW IRS 990 reports for the same period (see our section on IRS UAW Union Tax Returns publishing soon).

Worth noting on the 2018 LM-2 (filed in 2019), UAW VP Norwood Jewell, who pleaded guilty in April 2019 to charges related to the UAW scandal, received only $1,888 in salary but he took in total of $219,495 according the UAW LM-2 section covering “salaries and other direct and indirect

2018 Top Paid UAW International Headquarters Officers and Employees

Complete UAW National Headquarters Downloadable LM-2 Disclosure Links

Note: As of the date of this post, the UAW National Headquarters had not filed its 2019 LM-2 report.